• FY1 -Foundation Year 1 (House Officer)
  • FY2- Foundation Year 2 (SHO)
  • CT1- Core Trainee 1 (SHO)
  • CT2-Core Trainee 2 (SHO)
  • ST1-Specialist Trainee 1 (SHO)
  • ST2-Specialist Trainee 2 (SHO)
  • ST3-Specialist Trainee 3 (Registrar)
  • ST4-Specialist Trainee 4 (Registrar)
  • ST5-Specialist Trainee 5 (Registrar)
  • ST6-Specialist Trainee 6 (Registrar)
  • ST7-Specialist Trainee 7 (Registrar)
  • Associate Specialist
  • SG -Staff Grade/Middle Grade Specialty Doctor
  • RMO – Resident Medical Officer – Look after in-patients in private hospitals, requiring full registration
  • Consultants

Medical Locums Specialities and Subspecialities

Specialities Sub-Specialities
Accident & Emergency (A&E) All areas
Anaesthetics All Areas
Dental Endodontic, Prosthodontics, Orthodontic
Forensic Medical Examiner Forensic Medicine, Forensic Surgery, Histology
Care for the Elderly Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care, General Old age, Hospice Care, Respite Care, Gerontology
Medicine Acute Internal Medicine, Allergy, Audiology, Cardiology, Clinical Genetics,
Neurophysiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Diabetes Mellitus, Gastroenterology,
Genito-Urinary Medicine ( GUM) Nuclear Medicine, Pediatric Medicine, Palliative
Medicine, Pharmaceutical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Respiratory, Rheumatology
Sport & Exercise Medicine, Tropical Medicine, Chest Medicine
Obstetric and Gynecological Community Sexual and Reproductive Health, Maternal Female Medicine, Endocrinology an Fertility, Menopausal and Geriatric Urinal Incontinence.
Occupational Health Toxicology, Epidemiology
Pediatric and Neonatal Community Child Health, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Intensive Care, Nephrology, Neurology, Oncology, Rheumatology, Inherited Metabolic, Foetal Medicine, Emergency Medicine Surgery
Pathology Chemical, Histopathology, Medical Microbiology, Virology
Psychiatry General Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent, Forensic, Old Age, Learning Disability, Psychotherapy
Radiology Diagnostic Imaging, Plain X-Rays, Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, MRA, Nuclear Medicine Studies, Venography, Arteriography, Medical Knowledge and Patient Care
Surgery Cardio Thoracic, Otolaryngology, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Trauma & Orthopedic, Urology